The work of LUCE (Valencia, Spain, 1989) is linked to the sphere of the city and typography. It investigates the associations that are generated between art and the environment, encourages communication with the city and invites us to explore it to understand how it works and the way we relate to it. His work is based on experience and translates into subtle interventions in urban furniture, as well as in works created from objects he finds while wandering around. The duality between graffiti and writing expands through his practise to give rise to a body of work in which ideas are transmitted through words, and these are generators of stories that relate elements such as a street with a name —his own name on numerous occasions— or an object with a specific temporality. LUCE resignifies objects with his actions, normally documented in photographs, and resorts to repetition so that his practice becomes recognizable and encourages the development of new discourses


Image: Nacho Errando