Born in Zürich in 1993, Lena Laguna Diel studied at the School of Art and Design in Olot, where she acquired the fundamental bases of her technique and developed her artistic vision. Later, seeking to expand her horizons, she moved to Karlsruhe, Germany, where she continued her studies in Fine Arts. It was in Karlsruhe where she had the opportunity to study under the tutelage of the renowned artist Franz Ackermann. After completing her studies with a master’s degree, the artist settled in Basel, Switzerland, where she currently resides and is about to complete her second master’s degree at the Institut Kunst IAGN, FHNW. Throughout her career, Lena has distinguished herself as a multidisciplinary artist, although painting remains her main focus. However, in recent years, she has explored other forms of artistic expression, such as ceramics and cyanotype, thus expanding her creative repertoire. In her pictorial work, Lena develops a highly personal visual language. Her series “Talk” is a prominent example of her ability to create deep and captivating compositions, where conversation is represented through an elaborate color palette and demanding modular composition. Regarding her work in ceramics, in projects like “A Body in Fragments,” Lena creates seemingly human figures formed by ceramic fragments, each with individual motifs referring to Wilhelm Reich. This author and psychoanalyst developed the so-called Body Therapy, exploring the relationship between the human body and the mind, as well as the conception that the body is a container of information and experience. Lena puts these ideas into practice by incorporating images into different parts of the body of her ceramic sculptures, creating a visual expression of the complex interaction between psyche and human corporality. In addition to her work in other disciplines, Laguna Diel has ventured into the world of cyanotype, inspired by the book “Una fuerza loca (Le Rachdingue)”. Through experimentation with this technique, she has developed a series of visual codes that she has integrated into her pictorial language over the past few years. This exploration in cyanotype has not only been an artistic exercise but also an opportunity to reflect on her own identity and sensitivity. Lena combines this production with photographic experimentation, where her own body emerges as the protagonist, reflecting on the sensitivity of the skin as an initiator and conductor of a visceral and energetic creative force. Lena Laguna Diel has exhibited her work in places such as Kunsthaus Baselland in Basel (CH), Städische Gallerie Fruchthalle in Rastatt, (DE), Ketterer Kunst in Munich (DE), Galerie Knecht in Burtser in Karlsruhe (DE), and the Centre d’Art Contemporani La Mercè in Girona (ES).