Cuban visual artist, currently living in Madrid, Spain. In 2021 she carried out one of her most sophisticated and successful proposals: Votiva. A collection of jewellery conceived as small sculptures to be worn on the body. This is the origin of Pulso Vital, a visual essay presented in 2022 at the Plus Artis Gallery. A large part of the artist’s current projects stem from these first pieces of hers. In 2017 she created the brand Laura Lis Studio, a stage for the creation and experimentation of contemporary jewellery mixed with the languages of art and the idea of sculpture in its expanded field. She has participated in the XIII Bienal de la Habana, and the IV Exhibition of Contemporary Goldsmithing at the National Museum of Decorative Arts in Madrid. She has had solo and group exhibitions both nationally and internationally. Recently, as part of ARCO’s collateral program, she participated in the group show AQUÍ. She is one of the artists invited to the next edition of La Iberoamericana de Toro: mujer y artes visuales s XXI. Some of her pieces are in private collections in Europe, Latin America, and the USA.