laura fernández antolín (Valladolid, 1993) develops a practice of radical care that pieces our bodies and their context, reclaiming the senses and affects for new relations, sharing capacities of resilience, creativity, and action for inhabiting together. Working from the materiality of cloths, textiles, drawings, clay, scents, texts, objects, and performance they look for diverse possibilities to affect the discourses that engage and relate immediately with the body. Our bodies and their environment as landscapes where we capture the instability of our lives, where we experiment our knowledge and question our perceptions of domesticity, intimacy, gender, trust, commoning, togetherness, … Their desire is to create interwoven scenarios that shake us through the spaces we inhabit: our bodies, home, your street, or that fountain in the middle of a square where we used to play as kids. Unfolding languages of string figures {{ Donna Haraway’s concept to describe a mode of attention, rooted in active respons-ability, observing both the sustenance and shaking of the patterns that hold us together}}. Questioning the sensitive personal and collective experiences through their forms, gestures, and rituals. Softness as driving force for hope in the context of neoliberalism. Addressing (un)conditional hospitality, abundance, and matter transformation to unfold us.