Huaqian Zhang (Wenzhou, Zhejiang, 1997) is graduated in Design from BAU, Centre Universitari d’Art i Disseny de Barcelona (2020). Huaqian combines artistic practice with the production of other artists’ projects. Their work has been shown at Malpaís (Tot el mal, 2023), Centre Civic Sant Andreu (La quarta pared, Perpetracions, 2023), Sala d’Art Jove (Fun Palace 2022, Maps of what may come, 2022), MACBA (Distensions #2, 2022) Alianza #2 (Fun Palace 2020, 2020), #exstrange (I will accept your terms of service, 2017). They were part of the Exoteric Department, MACBA’s self-training program (2017-2018). They have given workshops at Can Felipa Arts Visuals (2021), Sant Andreu Contemporani (2023) and Fundació Miró (2023). They have obtained the Sala d’Art Jove creation grant (2022) and the Barcelona Crea Grant (2023), and were finalists in the Premi Miquel Casablancas 2023. Currently artist in residence at Hangar (2021-2026).