Graduated in Visual Arts from the Universidad de las Artes de Cuba (ISA) in 2016. Since 2016 she has been working as a curator at the Raúl Oliva Gallery of the Centro de Estudios Escénicos and in 2022 she began working as a teacher specializing in sculpture at the Academia de San Alejandro. She currently lives and works in Havana. She was the winner of two artistic residencies, in 2017 Molten Capital Residency in Santiago de Chile, and in 2018 the RARO residency in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has shown her work in several solo exhibitions, in February 2023, Gourmet; an intervention in the kitchen of the Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto’s workshop Chullima, space of the Cuban artist Wilfredo Prieto. At the beginning of 2023 she joined the roster of artists of the Galería Servando in Havana, integrating a group exhibition of three women artists; Desgarrando Superficies (Tearing Surfaces). Recently her work was selected to be exhibited during the Mediterranean Art Biennial in Haifa, Israel, in the exhibition Videonale #1 Image of Happiness, dedicated entirely to women artists in video art, as well as in the exhibition Power Couture at the Pan American Projects gallery in Miami, USA. Gabriela Reyna also works as a scenic designer for Cuban and foreign theatre and dance companies, during 2019 she traveled to Tijuana, Mexico to design for the Colombian-Mexican theatre company Teatro de León.