(Buenos Aires, 1990)

He is an Architect from the University of Belgrano (2018) and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Artistic Production and Research at the University of Barcelona. As an architect, he works on the development of spatialities, atmospheres of absence and the development of a language of idolized technologies. He expresses himself in chiaroscuro dystopias, that a through irony they make us reflect on our existence and our beliefs, using Mainly installation and painting. His individual presentations took place in Argentina: “Golden Calf” at the Centro de Film Research C.I.C. (2020) and “Measured Freedom” in the Ministry of Finance of the Nation (2019). He also participated in collective exhibitions in Argentina: Central Newbery Gallery, Museum of Contemporary Art of the South, Another Fair #5 next to the Laura Haber Gallery and the FNA Fund National Museum of the Arts in the National House of the Bicentennial. Outside: Salon des Beaux Arts of the Société Nationale des Beaux Arts in Paris, France and at Mana Contemporary organized by Saatchi Art in Chicago, USA. Winner of the Espronceda Prize at the University of Fine Arts of Barcelona