Carla Cascales’ work proposes a holistic vision of the world, in which human beings and their environment are connected, in constant flux. Each of her works is a testimony of our ability to relate to the universe. Through an intimate relationship with materials, he invites us to contemplate the ephemeral nature of life and to reflect on our place in the world, reminding us of the importance of cycles, the idea of acceptance, the decadence of beauty and understanding the world as a living organism, in constant movement. Taking nature as the basis and foundation of his work, he is able to get to the essence of things, removing everything that distracts us. By eliminating all that is superficial, only the taste for simplicity remains, which is transmitted in an intimate and personal way. His work is a reflection of his direct environment, which is manifested in elements such as the sea and the Mediterranean culture, shown in the idea of infinity, movement, fluidity, depth and harmony. The paintings are the immensity and the incomprehensible. The sculptures pay tribute to antiquity, to heritage, to all that is primitive and ancestral in archaic cultures. His work is also strongly influenced by Eastern currents, especially Japanese philosophy and aesthetics, based on the idea of imperfection, impermanence and transience. Carla Cascales Alimbau was born in Barcelona in 1989 and her work has been shown in exhibitions around the world, including Barcelona, Madrid, London and Los Angeles. Her work can be found in collections such as MACBA or the Masaveu Peterson Foundation. His work has been recognized with the award for Best Emerging Artist at the Swab fair in Barcelona and his artistic research has been developed in different international artist residencies in San Francisco (2017), Florence (2018), Tokyo (2019), Mexico (2022) and Cuba (2024).