Aya Eliav (Tel Aviv, Israel. 1977) A multidisciplinary visual artist born in Tel Aviv, lives and works in Barcelona. She graduated in Visual Communication from the “Bezalel” Academy (Jerusalem, 2002) and she  continued her career with a full scholarship at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome (2003-2004).  Since 2006 she has been working as a multimedia artist exhibiting in international solo and  group shows. She is currently finishing her Master Degree studies in Artistic Production and Research at the University of Barcelona. Eliav’s work addresses socio-political issues and is characterized by an intimate and reflective observation. Her gaze isolates elements, objects, moments, inquiring into them, providing a  personal interpretation. The body of her works is characterized by a varied range of expressive languages, starting with painting and traversing performance and video, relating themes such as local and global collective memory, raising questions about identity, belonging, immigration, family and further more.