I am an artist, producer and dj based in Barcelona. passionate and inspired by music, my practice is based on sampling, whether as appropriation, homage or simple reuse, as well as on the different ways of understanding noise, which is constantly manifested in everything I do.

I am interested in failure, or the effort that does not produce results, what is forgotten and lost, compared to what remains, the local contexts of the city of Barcelona, ​​and the ways in which, through artistic practices, present , past and future can affect each other.

always working from a lo-fi and amateur spirit, imperfection, error and lack of technical skill characterize my projects, which I usually develop using sound, action or story. besides, over the last year, I have developed a great interest in improvisation as a work methodology.

I’ve been releasing music independently since 2016 under my own name or as astronaut chick, and within the groups memorylessness and common injuries. I am part of the Catalan label and group ‘Nova Era’ together with Albert Mallol and Pablo Sánchez (Xénon).

as a DJ, I have shared a bill with Somadamantina, Elmini or Chavezito de la Cal, at parties such as Club Marabú (2017), la sensación del bloque (2019) and Offline Meeting Point (2021). I don’t have plates.

I have been studying arts and design at Escola Massana since 2017.