Anna Gayete (Barcelona, 1998) is an Ⓘℕt𝕖尺đᎥs𝕮ipl𝔦𝓷Ⓐ𝔯𝓨 cross-media designer who creates thought-provoking and engaging digital&immersive experiences that challenge the status quo and explore the possibilities of upcoming technologically influenced futures. Her practice explores the complexities of the relationship between humans and emerging technologies – transhumans, cyborgs, techno-organisms- through the performative aspects of XR spaces such as embodiment, the senses, afterlife, gender, and avatar. She focuses on creating speculative proposals to help understand the effects of technology on humanity and nature, focusing on futurism, phygital dystopias, biohacking, and the metaverse. Her work blurs the lines between reality and speculative fiction. Anna Gayete has been an artist in residency at the Immensiva Residency at the Espronceda Institute of Art & Culture in Barcelona (2023), at the M.I.T Lab Reality Hack in Boston Massachusetts (2023), and at the ARS Electronica x JKU Festival University (2022).