Ana Martínez Fernández is an artist based in Madrid. She studied Fine Arts at the University of the Basque Country (Bilbao), as well as Contemporary Art Theory at Goldsmiths College (London). Recent exhibitions include: Mora un trapo, in Mala (Lisbon); Pastora Foley 2, in Artiatx (Bilbao); SAM, in Dracula (Barcelona), Fervor, curated by This is Jackalope in Cibrián (Donostia) 2022; Broken open, curated by Cristina Anglada in Luis Adelantado (Valencia) 2022; com/post, Idealfrühstück (Paris) 2022; S12iS12iS12i2iS12i2i2iS1, Sideboard Monteleón (Madrid), 2021; The baddest, superbad.europe, 2020; sueño> suelo, Salón (Madrid) 2019, Tongue finishes back at the root of itself, Pehu (Osaka) 2019. She is also the founder of Pradera, an independent space where she works with artists in the production of exhibitions and other exchanges. Operating in multiple capacities, Pradera performs its functions autonomously, but collaborates with and depends on a variety of factors and people that determine the programming of the space and its activities.