Ana Císcar (Valencia, 1993) Graduated in Fine Arts from the Universidad Plotècnica de València in 2015 and studied the Master of Artistic Production at the same university, she specializes in the branch of Contemporary Thought and Visual Culture. She currently works as a visual artist within the field of contemporary painting and photography, participating in numerous group exhibitions among which would highlight the Mostra TEST, the Biennal in Mislata by Miquel Navarro, the Muestra PAMPAM17 at IVAM, or the recent The act of seeing with no eyes at Galería Punto. She has also been awarded with different prizes and distinctions throughout these years, such as the first prize of the Salón de Otoño del Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia, the Premio Mardel Artes Visuales 2019, or Premio Internacional de Pintura de la Fundación Mainel in 2017, as well as finalist in the Premi Senyera 2020 of the Ayuntamiento de Valencia. Ana Císcar’s work explores the value of the image and its narrative potential. In her works she delves into the tension that comes from attributing to documentary photography the quality of faithful representation of reality, contrasting it with the interpretative character of constructed narrative, that is granted to the arts, and particularly to painting. The artist starts from the appropriation of old photographs, archival and press, which she transfers to the plastic language through a complex assembly work with the images, based on blurring, recomposing and juxtaposing the originals. This peculiar deconstructive strategy allows him to rethink and reactivate the material used, turning certain imaginaries upside down and questioning the politics of visuality. The result is hybrid paintings that, while they may retain the appearance of a document of reality, have a tone of disturbing strangeness.